A Second Trip to the Renaissance Faire

On Sunday, we made our second trip of the season to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. We got a hold of some free passes to the Faire and decided to take another trip into the past. We had planned to wait another week before going but the weather was so wonderful last weekend that we didn’t want to risk it. I am really glad that we didn’t wait because we had a fantastic time. We had just been to the Faire so we didn’t have anything that we HAD to do. We were free to wander and choose whatever events tickled us at the moment.

Last time, A.J. and I had seen Moonie and we wanted Kristi and Erin to see him because the show was so good. While we were waiting for that show, we decided to see the Doktor Kaboom show. His show was just as good as the Moonie show. The show is all about science but in a totally fun way. My favorite part was the air cannon that he made out of a large steel drum and a shower curtain. A.J. even got to participate by catching hard-boiled eggs thrown from a trebuchet. After Doktor Kaboom, we headed over to catch Moonie. He was just as entertaining as he had been two weeks earlier. I laughed so hard that I was in tears for most of the show.

After sitting through two shows, we decided to wander a while and look at the shops. We were also going to eat lunch but it was noon and the lines at the food stalls were very long. We spent some time looking at and taking pictures of several of the Fantasikals (Erin took some amazing pictures) and made our way down to the Court Glade. While we were there, we watched a bit of the ceremony where the Queen presented her court. It was a little boring for the kids but I found it very interesting.

After that, we were able to get some lunch as the crowds had lessened a little. The remainder of the day was spent wandering, shopping, and enjoying the atmosphere of the Renaissance. A.J. and I managed to challenge each other in a fencing match. Luckily I won. I wouldn’t have heard the end of it otherwise. In late afternoon, we caught the Robyn Hoode show. It was very well done. I was in awe of the fight choreography. As we left, we were all glad that we got to experience an additional fun day in Bristol this year.

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