A.C.T. Summer Showcase 2008

For the last two weeks Erin has been participating in classes at the Academy at Civic Theatre (A.C.T.) at Waukesha Civic Theatre. She took two classes this year; one was the dance class like she took last year and the other was the acting class. On Saturday, the kids demonstrated what they had learned by giving two performances of the A.C.T. Summer Showcase. Each of the classes did one or more songs, dances, or short plays. Erin’s dance class performed two separate dance pieces. During the first act, they danced to “What Time Is It?” from High School Musical II. They danced to the “The Lioness Hunt” from The Lion King during the second act. She and some of those in her acting class performed “The Unlunchables” as well.

I am really proud of the work that Erin did on stage. This was the first time that I have seen her act on stage in a role that had quite a few lines. She spoke loudly (many others did not) and clearly and with the perfect amount of emotion in her voice. She has always been a good dancer and singer and now she proven herself as in acting as well. Way to go, Erin.


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  1. behnnie Says:

    Sweet! Way to go Emily!

    And seriously– way to make good use of a summer vacation. I used to let a lot of mine just fly by and while I had fun just relaxing with friends, I’ve always wished I’d have sought out the adventures that come with getting involved in things I loved. Lucky girl!!

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