A Christmas Carol

Last Saturday morning, A.J. auditioned for a part in A Christmas Carol with the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. A.J. said there a few boys at the audition and a lot of girls. He seemed to think that he did well. That afternoon, we received a call inviting him to callbacks on Tuesday evening. All of the alumni from previous years were also invited on Tuesday evening. When we left, A.J. again felt that he had done fairly well but was amazed because he only auditioned for less than 10 minutes. Last night, we received a call offering him a part in the ensemble for the show. A.J. is very excited about getting the part.

On an interesting side note, A.J. found out at the “meet and greet” at school on Wednesday night that his literature class this year will be studying Dickens. And they will be going to see A Christmas Carol at The Rep. How coincidental is that?


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