Conversation – Day Two

As I was trying to decide what topics to discuss as part of this experiment, I thought about things like “what am I proud of”, “what makes me angry”, and “things that can turn a bad day into a good day.” As I looked at that list, I realize that this could turn into a bad episode of Oprah real fast. I’m still going to put those topics in but not right away and not altogether. I’m a sensitive guy but that would be way too much.

So let’s start out slow and talk about music. Until recently, I wasn’t the type of person to listen to music much. I used to prefer watching TV to listening to music when at home and when I was in the car I would listen to public radio instead of a music station. In the last year or so, I have started to listen to music more so here is a list of my favorite music.

  • I love to listen to Jazz; all kinds of Jazz but mostly Contemporary. The artists that I currently listen to the most are Chuck Mangione (A.J. and I saw him in concert last spring), Mindi Abair (the whole family saw her in concert this summer), Louis Armstrong, and Dave Koz.
  • I know it is weird but I really like to listen to classical music in the car on the way to and from work. I’m not sure if it is because I’m learning piano or what. I just know that I feel more relaxed during rush hour commutes.
  • I have recently started listening to Irish Folk Music. A theatre friend of mine is in a band called The Shinigans. I saw them at Irish Fest and they were awesome. Other artists that I like are Athas, Old Blind Dog, and Ce.
  • Rounding out my list would show tunes from some of the musicals I’ve seen, some country music when I’m in the mood for it, the Big Band music of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and the midi-marimba music of a 90’s band called D’Cuckoo.
  • It’s your turn again. What is your favorite music?

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    1. dasportsguy Says:

      I like just about any kind of music. I’ve discovered that tempo tends to be overlooked. To me, tempo helps set the emotion of the music — and the listener — as much as instrument or genre selection. For example, I love listening to Beethoven, Mozart, Orff and Holst. But, they tend to have faster moving more grand sounding pieces. When it comes to country, I can’t stand the old time country (Patsy Cline, Crystal Gale, etc.) my Dad still listens to. But, much of the newer up tempo music doesn’t sound too bad.

      I guess its no coincidence that when it comes to musicals I like Guys & Dolls, West Side Story, Singin’ in the Rain (except that scene on the sound stage — I usually skip that one of the DVD) and JC Superstar. But, I can do without hearing the Sound of Music ever again. And, when comes to more popular music, I tend to default to more Rock and Punk than straight Pop. Ballads just aren’t my thing I guess unless I’m just in a melancholy mood.

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