Conversation – Day Three

Alright, the pattern has been established. Let’s get right to it. Today’s topic is things of which I am the most proud.

  • A.J. and Erin. A.J. is a polite and well-mannered son. He is also a talented trumpet player and an accomplished actor. Erin is a wonderful daughter that makes friends with everyone. She is also a beautiful dancer and an excellent singer.
  • Kristi. She the most hard-working person I have ever met. On top of that she has the best sense of humor. I am proud that she agreed to let me be her husband so many years ago. She is the same pretty girl I met over 25 years ago at freshman orientation.
  • My Military Service. I spent nine years in service to my country; four years in NROTC in college and five years in the Marine Corps after college. I am proud of the time that I spent in uniform and I am glad that we didn’t have to endure the wars that today’s military men and women have to.
  • There are many other things of which I am proud but those are biggest ones. It is your turn. What fills you with pride?


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    1. kristi Says:

      alright, I’ll bite, since you’ve gotten fewer replies than you had hoped for…

      I’m proudest of our kids. A.J. and Erin are finding out what interests them most and making the most of it. They are both good students, which I’m both proud of and thankful for at this point. They are kind, thoughtful, empathetic people, too, and having been around the kids at their schools and a Girl Scout leader for 4 years, I can assure you that is a rare quality.

      I’m also proud of my husband, who in spite of his questionable ability to choose a sane and hormonally-balanced wife has hung in there for almost 20 years of marriage….it ain’t been easy, for sure! Somehow, in spite of the caustic, critical environment in which he grew up, he manages to be optimistic and generally a happy, engaged person. He is talented both w/ computers and the people who destroy them.

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