Conversation – Day Five

Due to the low number of comments made so far, I was thinking about ending my “conversation” and returning you to your regularly scheduled programming. But two things happened. First, I noticed an increased number of hits on “conversation” entries. People are looking at them to see what others are commenting even if they don’t. And second, a friend sent me an email (but not a comment… go figure) pointing me to some articles that indicate that people read so many blog posts that they don’t have or want to take the time to comment. So, I decided that I will continue the conversation. I also decided to end after seven days total. I don’t want this to become tedious.

OK. Today’s topic is “things that piss me off.” This could go on forever but I am limiting myself to four points.

  • Incessant cell phone use: I see people walking down the street babbling to someone on their cell phone about nothing important. I also see it in cars, stores, and restaurants. It’s even worse when someone else is with them and they aren’t talking to them. Just because you can talk with someone else at all times doesn’t mean you have to. Give your mouth a break and be silent for a while. Listen to some music or your surroundings, use your imagination, or talk to the people in the room with you. If you are a store clerk, waiter, or have some other service-oriented job, refuse to interact with people while they are on their cell phones. Maybe, they’ll learn to be less rude.
  • People that talk in the theatre: I hate being at a performance (especially, a school performance) and some individual behind me is telling his neighbor about the gas mileage of his SUV while I’m trying to enjoy the show. If you don’t want to pay attention… LEAVE. Just as bad are the people that audibly comment about everything that is happening on stage. It’s fine if you want to talk back to your TV at home but don’t disturb the rest of the audience and sometimes the cast with a running commentary.
  • Tailgating in rush hour traffic: When traffic is all tied up during rush hour, you aren’t going to get to your destination any sooner by hanging less than a foot off my back bumper. We all learned about safe traveling distances during Drivers Education. If you use some common sense and put a little distance between you and the car ahead, you don’t have to jam on brakes quite so often.
  • Parents that ignore their kids pleas for attention: When your kid starts the Dad, Dad, Dad,… litany that could go on for ten minutes, they just want some attention. Give them your attention, respond to their needs, and then return to your task. Kids just want to be treated the way that you want to be treated. If you give them some of your time at regular intervals, they are less likely feel the need to grab your attention.
  • As I read over this, I realize that it all boils down to rudeness. I really dislike rude behavior. It doesn’t take that much effort to be polite to others. Stop thinking about yourself all the time and think about others for a change.

    What makes you angry?


    4 Responses to “Conversation – Day Five”

    1. kristi Says:

      I’ll be happy to join in on this one, too. (tho none of my pet peeves relate to my husband, so you can breathe easier now, Kurt!)

      * School districts whose policy states that 1/2 day kindergarten is an option for your child, but then make it simply unfeasible to choose that option. You sign up your little love for 1/2 day, only to realize that this means they won’t get any of the “special” classes (art, computers, gym, etc.) (and you weren’t notified of that policy ahead of time), and the kindergarten teachers continually remind you that your child really would benefit from full day school so they can “adjust” to the full day schedule, the lunchroom, etc. The misery that was kindergarten in the Hamilton Sussex School district is a good reason all by itself to not have had more children…..sorry…was I ranting?

      *Parents who give nothing and expect everything. “Someone” will volunteer to do everything (run scout troops, volunteer at school, teach Sunday School, etc., etc); why should it be them? But you can be sure they will scream if little Bobby doesn’t get to be in starting line-up for the team.

      *The over-indulged children of the parents (above) who only have kids because they “ought” to and then spend the rest of the kids’ youth and adolescence buying them stuff. Why are we surprised that kids act the way they do and get pregnant at age 17 or end up doing drugs?

      that’s pretty much it for now….let’s have this discussion again, soon!

    2. Nicole Says:

      Oh goodness. I am sorry for not commenting with the thoughts. Shall I post it here? What did you think of that anyways? I didn’t mean it to say you are not WORTH commenting on!

      I agree with your pet peeves. I would add this scenario: I’m at a store with a checkout area. I’m in line waiting patiently. I’m next in line but the line isn’t moving, hasn’t moved in ages it’s the only one open. When someone eventually wises up and opens a new line and says “I’ll take the next person” and some weiner sprints over there, who has been waiting in line a mere .0325 seconds as opposed to my 7 minute and counting wait, superceding my right as next person and the store employee does nothing to clarify situation. This pisses me off.

    3. Kurt Says:

      Nicole, you don’t need to post your thoughts here. I was just busting your chops. I thought the articles were very interesting.

      I know that you didn’t say that my posts aren’t WORTH commenting on. What you were saying is that people in general are too busy reading so many blogs that they don’t take the time to post.

    4. Ruth Arnell Says:

      I have so freakin’ many pet peeves about things like this that it’s probably better I *don’t* post any of them here. I’ll never stop. :P

      I’ve started posting my grammar pet peeves in my blog– which I see you’ve found ;). I’m going to make an accompanying video blog one of these days. I’ve already started on it, but every time I think I’m ready to edit it together I come up with something else to add.

      If people would just stop being such tools my life could be so much sweeter.

      Work with me here people!!

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