Conversation – Day Seven

Well, this is it. This is the last post of our conversation. After this post, I will go back to my one-sided ways. I would, however, encourage you to comment on any post whenever you would like to share something with the rest of us.

As this is the blog for the Dramagoons, I figured that it is only fitting that the last topic for our conversation should relate to theatre. Here is my list of shows that I enjoyed watching the most over the last few years. We go to at least three shows a year at First Stage Children’s Theater and have attended almost all of the shows at Waukesha Civic Theatre in the last three years, so most of my selections will be coming from those two theatres.

  • Over The Tavern at WCT in May 2008: It was a very funny show and A.J. had the lead role. This was directed by Brian Zelinski. He always does a great job.
  • Lost In Yonkers at WCT in June 2006: All of the adults in this show were amazing. A.J and Logan Peaslee played the two boys in the show. Patti Anne Hachmeister’s portrayal of Bella was perfect.
  • The Boys Next Door at Sunset Playhouse in May-June 2008: A funny look at group homes. The performance turned in by Mario Alberts was so good it made me forget that he does not have a disability.
  • The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle at First Stage in spring 2005: It had a wonderful set and the actors really drew you into the story.
  • Green Gables at First Stage in spring 2007: Michael Duncan was terrific as Matthew Cuthbert.
  • The Foreigner at WCT in April 2007: This is another one directed by Brian Zelinski. I laughed so hard during the show, I could hardly breathe.
  • There were so many more that I just loved but these were the best. What shows have you seen lately that you really liked?


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    1. behnnie Says:

      I’m right there with you on “The Foreigner.” I saw it on preview night and I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at a play! And you’re right– Brian *does* do good work. Yay for a good season!

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