More Bad Driving Habits

The other day, I was driving home from work towards the end of rush hour. A Silver BMW pulled onto I-94 just in front of me and proceeded to weave back and forth in his lane and drive really, really close to the car in front of him. It didn’t seem possible to me that he was driving drunk at 6pm. As he was in the center lane and I was in the right lane, I decided to pass him so that I was out of his way in case he caused an accident with his erratic driving. As I was passing, I looked over and discovered why he was driving that way. He was holding an iPhone at dashboard level next to the steering wheel. I could tell by the motion of his thumb on the screen that he was scrolling down. It appears to me that he was either surfing the net or reading his email… at 65 mph on a fairly busy freeway.


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