The Philadelphia Story

While A.J. was at rehearsal yesterday, Kristi, Erin, and I decided to head over to Waukesha Civic Theatre to see their current Mainstage production, The Philadelphia Story. As we looked through the cast bios in the program, we realized that A.J. or I have performed on-stage with eight of the fourteen members of the cast. We all really enjoyed the show. The pace and subject matter made it hard for Erin to keep her interest throughout the show. It really isn’t written for a nine year old audience member. That was my fault. Kristi and I wanted to see the show and Erin knew many of the cast members, so we thought she would be okay. Don’t get me wrong, she liked the show and performances of the cast, she just thought the second act was a little dull.

The entire cast did a fantastic job. Standout performances were turned in by Ruth Arnell, Mark Neufang, Jenny Kosek, and Will Elwood. They looked so natural in their roles. The set was a magnificent piece of engineering that rotated to provide two completely different locations. That is not an easy task on a stage as small as the one at WCT. The drawback was that it appeared cramped and crowded in the scenes where most of the cast was on stage.

If you get a chance to get out to the theatre during the next two weekends, you won’t be disappointed. It is a wonderful show with a terrific cast.


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