A Christmas Carol at The Milwaukee Rep

In August, I mentioned that A.J. got an ensemble part in A Christmas Carol at The Milwaukee Rep. They have been rehearsing the show all month and they are in the middle of tech week right now. A.J. has been having a terrific time. He has met a lot of new people and made several friends. There are so many wonderful actors and actresses associated with the show. He is also very excited about getting to perform in the “historic” Pabst Theater. He says the set is awesome. The show opens on Friday, November 28th and there are 39 performances between then and the last show on Sunday, December 28th.

I have to admit that even though we have lived in the Milwaukee area for over eleven years, we have never seen A Christmas Carol at The Rep. With everything that A.J. has described and everything that I have seen while picking him up from rehearsals, I really can’t wait to see the show. It is going to be fantastic. Hopefully, seeing this show will become a new tradition for our family.


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  1. A-E Shapera (Jane the Phoole) Says:

    Fantastic! It is a great show. Looking forward to attending it again this year!

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