MCC Sing-a-thon 2009

This is the second year that Erin has been a member of the Milwaukee Children’s Choir. This year, she has enjoyed being a part of their Concert Choir. I have listened to a couple of their concerts and the wonderful music that is produced by these kids is absolutely amazing. If you get a chance to attend one of their concerts or see them perform at some other function, I would highly encourage it.

Speaking of which, the MCC is going to be holding a Sing-a-thon on Saturday, February 7, 2009 in the Bayshore Mall Rotunda to raise money to support their program. According to the flyer, “All five choirs and selected upper choir soloists, duets and small ensembles will present an all-day selection of favorite songs in the friendly come-and-go atmosphere.”

I would like to invite you all to attend if you are able. We would love it if some of our friends came out to see Erin sing. As I said before, this Sing-a-thon is a means to raise money for the choir. We would like to encourage you to supports the arts by donating via this donation page. Please, indicate “Sing-a-thon” in the designation box and Erin’s first and last name in the dedication box. A portion of the money raised by each choir member will go toward their tour fund.


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