Lasertag Adventure

On Saturday morning, A.J., Erin, and I went to Lasertag Adventure for some great family fun. Because we got there very early, we actually got to play a head-to-head game… just the three of us. We have been there many times in the last year and it is always a great time. In fact, in October, A.J. had his birthday party there.

Lasertag Adventure is owned by a friend that I have worked with in the past. A year ago, in November, he invited us to come to the soft-opening of the arena just prior to its official opening. The whole family played several games of lasertag that night and we were hooked. Games in the arena are 20 minutes long and you are divided into two evenly sized teams of between five to fifteen individuals on average. Equipped with a phaser and a vest, your goal is to “tag” as many of the opposite team as possible without getting tagged yourself. When you are tagged, your vest and phaser are deactivated for 5 seconds before you are allowed to resume the game.

Although it is a great time for the kids, I have also been there with a group of co-workers. That was blast on a whole different level. Also, I have noticed that it is just as much fun for boys and girls alike. On the night of our “co-worker” outing, we played one game opposite a group of 13 year old girls from a soccer team. If you haven’t been there yet, treat yourself to some fun.


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