A.J. is Trumpet First Chair Again

A.J. found out the other day that he got 100% on the trumpet chair placement test for his middle school band. That score put him in First Chair again for the fourth semester in a row. The thing about this feat is that there are at least seven kids in the trumpet section of the band. Some of them are rather good.

A.J. works very hard at practicing and he has a fair amount of natural talent as well. It makes me so proud to see my kids doing so well in the things that they enjoy. For many of the things I did as a kid, I was planted firmly in the middle of the pack. That can be directly attributed to a lack of drive and motivation on my part. It is great to see that those traits were not inherited by either kid. I don’t know how or if A.J. will use his musical talent when he grows up, but I do know that he will always have a musical hobby that he can enjoy.


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