Due some wildly time-intensive projects at work, I recently had to take a six month break from auditioning for community theatre shows. The project list has finally slowed down a bit now and I can increase the time I spend on my personal life again. A week ago Monday, I auditioned at WCT for a part in Don’t Dress for Dinner. I got a callback but unfortunately did not get a part. On the bright, some incredibly talented friends did get cast. It is going to be a really funny show. I would like to congratulate Mark, Donna, Matthew, Ruth, Chelsey, and Scott on getting cast. I can’t wait to see the show.

This week Monday and Tuesday, I auditioned at Sunset for Social Security. Today at noon, I got the call from the Artistic Director there informing me that I didn’t that part either. I only know of one person who was cast and she is very good so I’m sure that it is going to be a great show as well. Both shows have really funny scripts and it would have been fun to be in one or the other.

I tend to have a fairly pessimistic view of my abilities at times and I immediately went down that “What did I do wrong… What should I have done differently” route. Then I realized that on the few occasions when A.J. doesn’t get cast, we remind him that it isn’t because he didn’t do a good job, it is more likely because the director has a particular image in mind for the character.

I am by no means an egotistical person but I think I do a fairly good job as actor. Granted, I’m not talented enough to quit my day job and run off to New York or Hollywood but I’m okay on a community theatre stage. I wish a few more directors would give me the chance to prove that. I decided today that I’m not going to let it get me down. There are always other shows and I’ll get cast eventually.

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