Happy Birthday, Erin

My darling little girl is growing up. At 1:13 PM, this afternoon, Erin turns 10 years old. Happy Birthday, Erin!!! She is becoming a wonderful young lady and her Mom and I are extremely proud of her. Erin will kick-off the birthday celebration weekend with a family party tonight at home. Tomorrow, after a wonderful breakfast of sourdough pancakes and bacon (for the second week in a row), Erin will have another party with several of her girl classmates from school.

On a side note, we closed on our house exactly one year before Erin was born. Therefore, we have now been in our house 11 years today. Boy, how time flies. Maybe it is time to replace the wagon wheel light fixture in the dining room. Nah!


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  1. behnnie Says:

    Aw yay! Happy Birthday Erin! 10 is a great year. :D

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