A Trip Down Memory Lane

I had the day off today for President’s Day and both kids had to go to school. When that happens, which it doesn’t very often, Kristi and I usually plan some sort of mid-day activity for just the two of us. It’s kind of like a date without all the smooching, soft music, or ample amounts of liquor.

Today we decided to go down to Marquette University to see all the new development as well as a trip down memory lane. We started out by visiting the Alumni Memorial Union. We stopped at the “Marquette Spirit Shop” where t-shirts and caps were 25% off for the President’s Day holiday. Apparently, a lot of high school students come for tours on President’s Day so the discount encourages those folks to buy something before they leave. OK… I picked a gold Marquette Basketball t-shirt for the next time I go to a game.

Next we stopped at the Schroeder Complex to see the new digs for the Speech Pathology & Audiology Department. They have been there for a couple of years now but this was our first time visiting. The facility is so much better than what the department used to have in Monitor Hall when we were there. I can see where it might even draw new prospective students into the program.

From there we wandered in and out of buildings. We walked past Todd Wehr Chemistry and William Wehr Physics. We went into Lalumiere Language Hall and past the theatre building. We walked through Katherine Reed Cudahy Hall on our way to the Al McGuire Center. Wow, what an awesome facility. We walked around the basketball court and took a few pictures. It was very impressive.

Our last stop on campus before lunch was the Raynor Library. That is another fantastic facility. It is much better than the old Memorial Library that was there when we went to school. After that, we decided to stop for lunch at the only place appropriate for such a day, Real Chili. We both had a bowl with all the fixing. I think that meal is probably going to stick with me for several days.

I’m sure most people would have found a much more interesting way to spend their day off but for Kristi and me, it was the perfect outing.


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  1. Brittany Jones Says:

    I really enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing, now I know a little bit more about my Aunt and Uncle. A few years from now I can’t wait to come back to BYU-Idaho and do the same thing. –Britt

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