Whad’ya Know

Almost every year in late February or early March, the Dramagoons take a weekend trip out of town. It is usually a fairly inexpensive trip for the express purpose of getting out of the house during the winter doldrums. This year’s trip was to fabulous Madison, WI and the taping of the Whad’ya Know radio show for public radio.

Friday night, we stayed in a wonderful new Hampton Inn on the west side of Madison just off Mineral Point Road. Our room was amazingly spacious and nicely decorated. We swam in the pool that resembled a very, very small waterpark. And we were treated to a wonderful free breakfast in the morning. Several of the nights on our trip to Pennsylvania last summer were also spent in Hampton Inns. I have to say, they are awesome places to stay and our hotel of choice for the future.

Saturday morning, we awoke to four to six inches of snow on the ground; which was the only negative part of the whole trip. We made our way down to Monona Terrace after breakfast and arrived well before the show started. The show was really great. Michael actually talked to both Kristi and I. During first half of the show, he was answering someone else’s question about Snuggies when he asked if someone in the audience had one. As I had just bought one for Kristi’s birthday earlier this month, I got to answer his questions on Snuggies. In the second half of the show, he talked with Kristi about the question she had submitted.

In the afternoon, we went to Ultrazone Laser Tag to play a couple of games. There equipment wasn’t as nice as the stuff at Lasertag Adventure and the layout of the arena was much different. It was more maze-like which allowed you wander all over without giving anyone a clear-cut advantage. I still think I like Lasertag Adventure better but it was fun to try something new.


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