Don’t Dress for Dinner

Don’t Dress for Dinner opens one week from tonight at Waukesha Civic Theatre. For those that don’t recall, please check out this post to see how lucky I was to become part of this fantastic show. I have to admit that the last few weeks have been wonderful and terrifying all at the same time. It is a great show but the pace and the number of lines had me worried for quite a while. I have lost almost ten pounds in the last three weeks mostly due to stress.

Things at rehearsal are starting to go pretty well and I think it is going to be a very funny show. I am blessed to be part of an absolutely fantastic cast. At times, I feel like a complete hack next to them. They are all so talented. We are also lucky to have Mark E. Schuster directing. He is so funny and great to work for. Just as a note, this is my first show with a male director.

Please come out and see the show if you have a chance. It runs March 13th to March 29th. This show is for mature audiences only. Check out this great cast:

  • Bernard: Mark Neufang
  • Jacqueline: Donna Daniels
  • Robert: Kurt Magoon
  • Suzanne: Ruth Arnell
  • Suzette: Chelsey Peterson
  • George: Scott Fudali
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    1. dasportsguy Says:

      I’m sure you’ll be awesome! I know I couldn’t have possibly learned all of those tongue twisters as fast as you did, let alone needing to remember where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing while reciting them. Break a leg!

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