Don’t Dress for Dinner Opens Tonight

Last night was the preview performance for Don’t Dress for Dinner at Waukesha Civic Theatre. I am happy to report that it all went amazingly well. I have to say that I am very lucky to be to able to work with such an extraordinary cast. They are all so talented. I can’t imagine doing this with any other group of people.

I also want to publicly thank Kristi, A.J., and Erin for being so incredibly patient and supportive through this entire process. I’m not sure I would have been so caring if one of them had been as freaked out as I have been the last few weeks. On top of that, they left a balloon bouquet and a box of cookies from Nino’s Italian Bakery in the green room before the show. It feels great to have your own fans.

So tonight is opening night for the show and it runs for three weekends. Check out the Now Playing page at the WCT web site for show times. It is a very funny show; I’m sure you will enjoy it.


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  1. Big Sis Says:

    Hey lil brother, Tina and I can’t wait , we got tickets for next Saturday’s matinee.

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