Opening Night was Awesome

Opening night for Don’t Dress for Dinner was amazing last night. The entire cast did a fantastic job. I want to say that my five other cast mates are wonderful. I had so much fun with you guys last night. I can’t wait to do it again… and again… and again.

And the audience at WCT last night was the absolute best audience for which I’ve ever performed. They laughed and applauded at everything. They even found things funny that we didn’t realize that were funny. I know that every performance may not go as well as last night but I am so glad that it did last night.


2 Responses to “Opening Night was Awesome”

  1. behnnie Says:

    That seriously was a hugely fun opening night. And that audience? Oh my gosh! Can we pay them to come back to *every* performance?! Holy cow! They were GREAT!!

    • Kurt Says:

      Yes. It was amazing. By the way, please read my response on Mark’s FB status. I truly wasn’t saying anything about you. You are awesome.

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