Don’t Dress for Dinner Gets a Great Review

The review for Don’t Dress for Dinner has been published and it is exceedingly good. Julie McHale, the theatre reviewer of the Waukesha Freeman, came to opening night and her review of the show can be found in TimeOut section of GMToday.

It is an extremely upbeat and positive review. It puts every cast member in a good light and says wonderful things about the set, costumes, and direction of the show. The only negative thing about the entire review is the photo that they decided to use to accompany the review. While I am glad that I am in it, I would have preferred a shot that didn’t accentuate the back of my shiny, bald head. Oh well, we can’t have everything.

The show runs for two more weekends. Check out the Now Playing page at the WCT web site for show times.

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