The Neverending Story

On Saturday evening, our family went to see The Neverending Story at First Stage Children’s Theatre. A.J. had a callback for this show earlier this year but, unfortunately, did not get a part. In preparation for that, however, Kristi and A.J. had rented the 1980’s movie version of the story. They had both said that it was extremely bizarre. In contrast, however, the stage version that we saw on Saturday night was amazingly fantastic.

There were so many things that I liked about this production. The actors, adults and children alike, did a marvelous job. They used puppets to represents creatures and individuals that were much larger or much smaller. The interactions were so well done that you didn’t think about the fact that there were actors in black behind them controlling the puppets. The set design was very simple yet took on the appearance of each different location with ease.

We have seen a minimum of three shows there each season for at least the last five years. We realized, as we left the theatre on Saturday night, that we have not been disappointed by any of the shows that we have seen. The subject matter of the shows may be directed at children but the quality of the productions is spectacular.


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