Lend Me A Tenor

Kristi and I went to see Lend Me A Tenor at Soulstice Theatre last night. It was our first experience with that theatre group. It was an amazingly good time. I’m so glad that we went and we are definitely going to see more shows there. Soulstice Theatre is located in The Marian Center for Nonprofits in St. Francis. They have four different performance spaces available to them in that building. The choice of space depends on the show. In the case of this show, it was performed on the stage in the third floor auditorium. What made it unique was that the audience was also on the stage as well. They needed to use the stage to be able to screw the set into the floor (lots of slamming doors). But to make it intimate, they built a small studio theatre on the stage with about 50 seats for the audience.

The show itself was wonderful. It was very well cast. Everyone was perfect in their parts. It was exciting to see Sharon Sohner back on stage after an extremely long hiatus. She was fabulous and funny. I hope that she decides to get up on stage more often. Luke Cieslewicz played the lead role of Max. He was incredible in this part. I laughed so hard at times that tears were coming to my eyes. I know that Mark E. Schuster claims that he is not a fan of farces but he does such a great job directing them. After having worked with him recently, there were several things that occurred on stage that I could see had come directly from him.

The show has three more performances next weekend. If you need a good laugh or enjoy watching people run around slamming doors, you have to get out to see this show.


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