Go See Noises Off!

A.J. and I went to see Noises Off! at Sunset Playhouse last night. Oh My God, it was fantastic. It was probably the funniest show I’ve seen on stage in a couple of years. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to go see it before it closes. There are three more performances this weekend and four more next weekend. The action of the show revolves around the rehearsing and performing of another show, Nothing On, as seen from onstage and backstage. As actors ourselves, A.J. and I found the subject matter incredibly funny. On top of that, the pratfalls and physical humor were hilarious.

The show was extremely well cast. From what I hear, that was almost certainly a very difficult task. Because this is such a popular show among actors, there was an incredible turn out for auditions. I’m told that more than a hundred individuals showed up. I can’t imagine trying to choose nine individuals so perfectly out of a hundred possibilities.

The entire cast was amazing. There wasn’t a weak performance in the bunch. Personally, I was partial to the performances of Jenny Kosek and Ruth Arnell. I have been in shows with both of them together and separately and they are so very good at what they do. Ruth always seems to get cast in the role of the ditzy blonde bombshell. She has mastered that role and performs it so well in this show. On a side note, Ruth has also done some shows where her character has a lot more depth and she plays those parts just as well. Jenny played the part of the harried stage manager and she was equally awesome. I have seen Jenny play so many different roles in the last couple of years and she always turns in a stellar performance. It was nice to see her cast in role of something other than a teenager.

The other two standout performances from my perspective were those of Matthew J. Patten and Randall T. Anderson. Matthew was perfectly suited for the role that he played. He seems to excel in the parts where physical comedy is a requirement. Randall did a great job as the half-witted actor. We had seen Randall a couple of years ago playing the Evil Sheriff at the Bristol Renaissance Faire and this part was so different from that one. He is an extremely versatile actor.

We have seen several shows at Sunset Playhouse in the last couple of seasons. They seem to run hot and cold. Some of them have been pretty awful while the others have been absolutely amazing. This one falls into the latter category. Go to their website and order your tickets right now. You do not want to miss this one.


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  1. behnnie Says:

    Aw yay! Super awesome review, man– thanks! So glad you and AJ had such a good time. :D It’s a pretty fun way to wrap up the work week, I figure. Good for a few laughs. ;)

    And thanks again so much for those beautiful flowers– they’re brightening up my living room as we speak. :D

  2. Mark Salentine Says:

    Thanks for the words of praise! Actually, 64 actors showed up to audition for the nine roles, and that’s still a lot, but I like the sound of “more than one hundred.”

    I can’t help but ask about your end comment and would love to hear which of the eight main stage shows we do per year you thought were “pretty awful” and which were “absolutely amazing” at Sunset. Though we’re in an extremely subjective field, I might even agree with you and would welcome the chance to philosophize further.

    Mark Salentine
    Open-Minded Artistic Director
    Sunset Playhouse

    • Kurt Says:

      Because I have philosophy of not putting anything the internet I wouldn’t want my mother to read, I generally don’t make specific negative comments about shows that I have seen. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

      That being said I would be happy to share my thoughts privately via email. To be fair, many of the shows at Sunset are “absolutely amazing.”

      The Dramagoon

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