A Cube With A View

I know that the economy is pretty bad right now and many of my friends are currently unemployed or in jobs that they really don’t like. So that is why I’m so thankful that I have been blessed with a great job that I really like. I’m a Software Engineer (that’s spelled N-E-R-D) at a firm in downtown Milwaukee and I really enjoy what I do. There are times that I have to put in vast amounts of overtime and I’m on-call much of the time but those negatives are offset by the fact that I’m paid pretty well and we have great perks.

I’ve never been one of those people that has to have the best of everything at work and I’ve never yearned for the corner office. In fact, during my work career, I enjoyed the luxury of working in interior cubicles or desks with a lovely view of the company parking lot and it really hasn’t bothered me. To be honest, those locations offer much fewer distractions. This week, however, we reorganized our seating arrangement at work so individuals on the same team could be located together. For the first time in the 22 years of my work career, I got the desk with the killer view. I took this picture while sitting at my desk on Friday around noon.

I’m sure that the novelty will wear off in the next few work days but it is another cool perk of this job. The other picture is a Google Maps image with red lines indicating the field of view from my cubicle. I have a great view of the Milwaukee Art Museum and Veteran’s Memorial Park but the McKinley Marina is obstructed by the War Memorial. I was amazed that I can actually see the Old North Point Water Tower. I’ve been with this firm for four years and this is the fifth time that I have switched desks. So I am fully aware that I will likely move to another location in about a year and that doesn’t really upset me. I will, however, enjoy this perk while it lasts.


4 Responses to “A Cube With A View”

  1. Scott Says:

    Enjoy it as long as you can…we have been known to rearrange things from time to time!

    • Kurt Says:

      You are so right. I’ll be amazed if I’m still there in January. Like I said the location really doesn’t matter much to me. I’m just glad that I have a really good job.

  2. behnnie Says:

    Just watch out when they ask you to move your desk to the storage room in the basement…

    That really is a spectacular view. So nice to hear someone speak so positively about their job. :)

  3. Sandra Liederbach Says:

    Well, I must look over at your building then! I see Maier Festival Park from my killer southeast corner view – in the building just west of yours!

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