More On The Skylight Fiasco

Things at the Skylight Opera Theatre seem to be getting worse and worse. At least one board member has now officially resigned over the poor handling of staff reductions by the theatre’s Executive Committee. It will be a major miracle if they are able to pull off a successful 50th anniversary season next year much less make it to a 51st season. For all of the up-to-date information see Jonathan West’s Artsy Schmartsy blog. Jonathan has really been keeping on top of this volatile situation. One of the articles that he posted talked about an article at JSOnline by Tom Strini, the music and dance critic for the Journal Sentinel. Tom put together an incredibly insightful article about the huge public relations blunder that Skylight has created and what they NEED to do to fix it. Read the entire article here.

The current Managing Director, Eric Dillner, is in deep trouble because of this fiasco. Here is what Tom Strini says has to happen to fix that.

Does anyone think that Dillner will be able to raise a nickel in this town after this mess? Or retain a shred of credibility with the accomplished local performers who so enliven the Skylight stage? I regret the need to say this, but Dillner, whatever talent and skills he might possess, is damaged goods and has to go, and soon.


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  1. Leslie Chobanoff Says:

    The sad fact in all of this is there are artists and employees and patrons who are the victims of this mess. My fervent prayer is that SOMETHING positive will happen, and that by the season opening in the fall, there is a theatre to work at, perform in and attend. Ego’s need to step aside to preserve this theatre. I think it no longer matters about the budget, it has boiled over into a full-scale fiasco. It reminds me of a rancorous divorce situation where the kids end up suffering the most. I agree, silence needs to be broken to have any chance for any sort of healing. Pray for the Skylight.

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