2009 Dance Tracks Dance Recital

The 2009 dance recital for Dance Tracks of Waukesha was held at the Hamilton Fine Arts Center last Friday and Saturday evenings. As always, the students and faculty put together an absolutely wonderful show. This is the seventh year that Erin has been dancing at Dance Tracks and every year I am impressed with the talent of the dancers and the time that goes in to putting on a show like this. The theme of the recital this year was On The Cover! and every dance was associated with a specific magazine for which it could have been the cover shot.

This is the first year that Erin took two dance classes and was in two separate numbers during the show. That required a fairly quick costume change as there were only 3 dances between them. For her Intermediate Jazz class, they danced to Do Your Thing which was supposed to be a representation of the cover of “Self Magazine.” The top picture is Erin in the costume for that piece. For her Jazz Funk class, they danced to Hero which represented the cover shot for “Marvel Adventures/Super Heroes.” This second picture is the costume for that number. On an interesting side note, her dance instructor for Jazz Funk made all of the costumes for her students. I think they look really good. Congratulations Erin, on another fabulous year of dance. We are so proud of your talent.


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