Here We Go Again

Tomorrow morning, we are loading up the van again and heading out for our second annual family vacation road trip. Last year, we went east and visited many locations in the wonderful state of Pennsylvania. This year, we are headed in the opposite direction to the great state of South Dakota. Our plans include De Smet, the Corn Palace, Wall Drug, the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Monument, Rapid City, and a few other stops depending on our mood.

If the weather cooperates when we return, we also plan on making our annual trek to the Bristol Renaissance Faire next weekend. This will make four years in a row and our third year dressing in renaissance clothes for the faire. That makes it so much more fun.

Just like last year, I plan to make regular updates of our progress. I am even hoping to be able to upload some pictures of the sites we see. So stayed tuned for our next exciting adventure.


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