South Dakota Trip – Day Two

Due to the fact that we spent last night just outside the Badlands, I was unable to post our Day Two entry because we didn’t have access to the internet. In fact, we felt like we were in a communications black-out. It was a wonderful feeling. I wish that could happen more often.

We started out the day driving from Brookings, SD to De Smet, SD. De Smet is one of the locations where Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family lived and which she wrote about in several of the “Little House” books. In De Smet, we took a tour of several of the buildings where the Ingalls lived and worked while in there; the Surveyor’s House, the Brewster School, the original schoolhouse that Laura and Carrie attended, and the last house that Pa built. We also visited the cemetery where Pa, Ma, Mary, Carrie, and Grace are buried. I found it really interesting that Pa’s headstone had the Masonic Square and Compasses on it.

After De Smet, we headed off to the Badlands. We encountered a great deal of construction on I-90 and lots and lots of Wall Drug billboards. The total count of billboards by the end of the second day was 53. We checked into the Badlands Inn, a small motel just outside the south entrance of the Badlands National Park.

In the evening, we hiked around the Badlands and took lots of pictures that I will be posting to our Flickr account once we get back. It was an awesome sight. The whole family really enjoyed scrambling around on the rocks. On one of the hikes, A.J. and I encountered a rattle snake stretched across the trail. It was dusk and when we approached the snake, it shook its tail and darted off in to the woods. A.J and I “darted” off in the others direction. It definitely got our hearts pumping.


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  1. behnnie Says:

    I would *love* to go on a road trip to see those places! Hope you’re having a blast and getting as much enjoyment as possible out of being away from the internet. ;D

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