South Dakota Trip – Day Four

We left Rapid City, SD in the morning and traveled to Mt. Rushmore. As we got to the main viewing gallery, a ranger was announcing that a tour down the Presidential Trail was starting in a couple of minutes. The tour was really good. Ranger Becky was very knowledgeable and entertaining. She told us all about how the monument was built and why the sculptor chose these four presidents. The tour completed after only covering a portion of the trail. We continued on and finished the entire trail including a visit to the sculptor’s studio.

After lunch, we drove over to the Crazy Horse monument. The monument has be more than 50 years in the making and the original sculptor passed away years ago. Seven of his ten children have taken up the cause and continued his work. It is looking good but will still need many more years to complete. This is because the size of this monument is several times larger than Mt. Rushmore, it is completely in 3D, and they have refused any federal funding that would speed up the project.

Afterwards, we drove to our hotel, the Roosevelt Inn in Keystone, SD, via the Needles highway. What an amazing drive that was. In the evening, we returned to Mt. Rushmore for their evening ceremony. The ceremony was okay, but I was much more impressed with presentation of our tour guide during the morning tour.


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