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A Little More Than Kin

For our second successive Friday night, A.J. and I again ventured out to a theatre performance. And again, it contained some Shakespeare. We went downtown to the Tenth Street Theater to see A Little More Than Kin as performed by The World’s Stage Theatre Company. This is a new company composed of twelve high-school aged artists from this area that have worked together in the past at Milwaukee Shakes, the Skylight, or First Stage. This was the first show of their premiere season.

As they are a fledgling organization and couldn’t afford to pay the royalties on an existing work, they wrote the show themselves with a little help from the Bard. The show had that Noises Off quality of being a show about rehearsing for a show. In this case, the show that they are rehearsing for is a compendium of Shakespeare scenes. Those scenes were intermixed with scenes about the actors’ relationships with each other as they rehearse a play that opens in a week.

I have to say that these are some of the finest youth actors I have seen in the area. I understand that one of them will be attending Julliard in the fall. They handled moving between the actors that they were playing and the difficult Shakespeare with ease. I will certainly support any of their future endeavors. I would have to say the script was pretty good for a first effort. It was much better than some of the efforts produced by adults. The rehearsal scenes were filled with the type of relationship drama that seem so very important to teenagers but not so much as we grow older. Other than that, it was very good. It contained lots of humorous situations that really brought the audience into the show.

Congratulations on your first effort. Keep up the great work. If you do, I may be auditioning for you one day.


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  1. Patrick Schley Says:

    Thanks for your support of this new endeavour, Kurt! I’ve had the pleasure of guiding the members of The World’s Stage through this first production and they are amongst the most driven high school students I’ve ever known.


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