Around the World in 80 Days

Back in April, I volunteered to help out at the WCT Gala. At the gala, I bid on and won two tickets to a main stage performance at the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre (for an extremely reasonable price I might add). Last week, Kristi and I decided to use those tickets to see the Sunday performance of Around the World in 80 Days. I can’t believe what I great time we had. First of all, the Cabot Theatre in the Broadway Theatre Center is a phenomenal venue. And we were lucky enough to get great seats; fifth row center.

The show was great. There were five members in the cast to play almost forty roles. One actor, Matt Daniels, played only one role, that of Phileas Fogg, and he was amazing as the stoic, refined gentleman. Two actors, Marti Gobel and Chris Klopatek, played a couple of minor roles each but mainly one character throughout. They were awesome as well. And the remaining two actors, Norman Moses and Robert Spencer played about twenty characters each. They were hilarious. I can’t imagine how frantic it must have been backstage with all of the costume changes. With their different accents and costumes they really made the show.

The other awesome thing about the show was the set. It was created with the Steampunk style that is associated with the works of Jules Verne. It was really cool to watch them transform it into the various locations and modes of transportation in the show. The three members of the run crew were also dressed in a Steampunk manner and they added to the humorous nature of the show.

The Milwaukee Chamber Theatre is a little more expensive than the shows we normally go to, but, in this case, it is well worth the extra money. You should definitely go out to see this one before the end of the month. For those with a little ingenuity that want to see the show for a cheaper price, they are having a Steampunk Night on Thursday, August 20th and anyone dressed in Steampunk attire gets in for half price. That night, they are going to have pre-show activities and a Steampunk band, Eli August, in the Skylight Bar after the show. Check out this flyer.


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