A.C.T. Summer Showcase 2009

Erin On Stage at A.C.T. Summer Showcase

On Saturday, Erin took part in the A.C.T. Summer Showcase at Waukesha Civic Theatre. It was her third Showcase in three years. This event is the result of two weeks of theatre arts classes presented by the theatre. This year, Erin only took the acting class and, therefore, participated in just one piece on-stage. She and some of the fellow member of her class enacted a short sketch called Sibling Rivalry; a humorous game-show style comedy about pitting brothers and sisters against each other to score points. Erin played the angelic side of the brother’s conscience. It was very funny. I was extremely proud of her. She spoke loud enough for all to hear without shouting. She spoke clearly and with emotion. And she even held for laughs when they came (which is very hard to do sometimes).

Congratulations to Doug Jarecki and the rest of the instructors for a great job again this year. The show was very well done. All of the kids involved should be very proud of the effort they put forth.

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