This is one of those better late than never posts. A.J. and I went to see Deathtrap at Sunset Playhouse last night. It was awesome. The cast did an amazing job. There wasn’t a weak performer in the bunch. The gentleman that played Sidney Bruhl (Paul Troglia) had several wonderful scenes where it was just him on the stage performing some complicated actions with very little dialogue. Those were some amazingly believable.

We went to the show to support our friends, Mark Neufang and Donna Daniels. A.J. and I have both had the opportunity to perform with both of them in various shows. They were both incredible in this show as they are in everything they do. I can’t really tell you what they did because the show is a suspense thriller and I don’t want to ruin it for others.

On a side note, we saw many friends while we were there. And I even got to meet Jonathan West (Artsy Schmartsy), the Managing Director at Sunset. I have been reading his blog posts for years and it was nice to finally meet him. It was quite an enjoyable and “thrilling” evening. There are only two performance of the show left today. If you can get away, go see it today!!!


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