A Christmas Carol 2009

We started out the holiday season by seeing the Milwaukee Rep’s A Christmas Carol at the Pabst Theater on Friday afternoon. This show is quickly becoming a holiday tradition for our family. A.J. got to see the entire show from the other side of the stage this year. We all enjoyed the show immensely.

There were some small, slight changes throughout the show but they all seemed to make the show a little better. I can truly understand why this show has become a holiday favorite in the Milwaukee area. The story is so heartwarming and the actors, costumes, and set bring it to life so perfectly. Jim Pickering does such an amazing job as Scrooge. It is fun to watch his reactions to things going on even when he isn’t the focus of the scene. But what has always impressed me the most about this production is the continuity. There is singing and movement through all of the scene changes. Everything has a purpose and the audience isn’t keep waiting in the dark for the preparation for the upcoming scene.

If you don’t see any other Christmas show this season, go out to see A Christmas Carol at the Rep. Make it a holiday tradition in your family.


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