Life With Father Opens Tonight

Tonight is opening night for Life With Father at Waukesha Civic Theatre. I realized today that I hadn’t posted about the fact that I auditioned for and got a part in this show. I am playing Dr. Lloyd, the Episcopalian minister, in this show.

I have really enjoyed rehearsing for this show. The cast includes a bunch of wonderful people; some that I have worked with before and some that are now new friends. This is a wonderful show with lots of very funny moments.

Please come out and see the show if you have a chance. It runs June 11th to June 27th, 2010. To encourage you to come out and see some other friends you may know, I am providing the full cast list below.

  • Father: Ken Smith
  • Vinny: Karin Cunningham
  • Clarence: Ian Curtis
  • John: Jake Konrath
  • Whitney: Matthew Welden
  • Harlan: Josh Webber
  • Cora: Michelle Anomaly
  • Mary: Laurie Krmpotich
  • Dr. Lloyd: Kurt Magoon
  • Dr. Humphreys: Art Carter
  • Dr. Sommers: Lee Krmpotich
  • Margaret: Rhonda Trickey
  • Annie/Nora/Delia/Maggie (the maids): Sally Schneider
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