School is Out for the Summer

Yesterday was the last day of school for both A.J. and Erin. And beyond that, it was a fairly large transition day for both of them. For Erin, it was the last day of elementary school. Next year, she is off to middle school. The same middle school for which it was A.J.’s last day. He starts high school in the fall.

I’m sure that both of them are a little nervous; Erin more than A.J. because her transition may seem a little scarier. That move from a place you grew up with over the last six years to a bigger building with more kids and more classes can be fairly daunting. The one thing I do know is that both of those two are completely ready for the change even if they don’t realize it. Kristi, with a little help from me, has done a great job of raising them to be awesome young people that throw themselves into any challenge set in their path. Within a week of being at their new schools, they will be ready for whatever comes their way.

If you haven’t realized by now, I am very proud of my entire family. I wish I could have been as “together” as they are when I was their ages. I want to commend both of them on their outstanding academic accomplishments this year. Both of them got all A’s all year and they are both going to be taking advanced classes in the upcoming school year. I’m sure that they didn’t get their “smarticles” from me! Have a great summer vacation guys… you’ve earned it.


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