Much Ado About Nothing

On Saturday night, A.J. and I went to down to MYAC to see the First Stage Theater Academy’s Classical Company Class perform the Shakespeare comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. This is the second year in a row that we have attended the summer Classical Company Class presentation and we enjoyed this one as much as the first, if not more. These talented high-schoolers put together an amazing rendition of this classic show in only four weeks. Actually, they learned about the play and determined roles during the first week, had two full weeks of rehearsal, and teched the show during the final week. That would be challenging for a normal show but when you pile on the language of Shakespeare, it makes it an awesome undertaking.

Every single one of the actors did a fantastic job. I was extremely impressed by the performances of Teddy Warren as Benedick, Jordan Horne as Claudio, Eric Schabla as Dogberry, and the young women that played Beatrice (who’s name I can’t recall). Their stage presence is wonderful and they made Shakespeare come alive. The feeling and emotion that they all put into their characters was inspiring. Congratulations to Todd Denning, the Director, and Grace DeWolff, the Asst Director, for putting together an enjoyable show. As always, kudos to John Maclay and Jeff Frank for creating a great program that allows these young people to excel.

“Be vigitant, I beseech you.”


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