ACT Summer Showcase 2010

Erin participated in the ACT Summer Camp at Waukesha Civic Theatre during the last two weeks of July. ACT (Academy at Civic Theatre) is the arts education program associated the theatre. In the summer, they offer a summer camp that provides classes in acting, dance, musicals, and improv. On Saturday, they presented the ACT Summer Showcase, a variety show composed of short numbers by each of the classes demonstrating what they had learned over the previous two weeks.

This was Erin’s fourth consecutive year in the program and she participated in the musicals and improv classes this year. The musical numbers that her class performed were outstanding but I have to say that I was most proud of her performance in the improv piece. In acting, singing, and dancing, a great of deal your performance depends on your memorization skills. But when doing improv, you really have to be able to think on your feet… and be funny… in front of hundreds of people that you don’t know. I think that is one of the scariest things you can do. And Erin did it well in two separate performances on Saturday. Nice job, Erin.

I have seen the ACT Summer Showcase for four years now and I have to say that each year it gets better and better. This year was the best one yet. Congrats to Doug Jarecki and the rest of the instructors on a job well done; and congratulations to all of the students for really putting it out there. You were fabulous!!!


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