Shakespeare’s Plays

About a month ago, Kristi sent me a link to the Shakespeare In a Year Facebook group which in turn took me to the Shakespeare In a Year blog. The woman writing the blog has challenged herself to read all 38 of Shakespeare’s plays and a couple of his poems in one year. Sounds a little like Julie and Julia to me but Shakespeare isn’t around to criticize her work like Julia Child did… but I digress. When I first looked at the blog, I thought I like to read plays, I could do this too. And besides, at the time I was only a month behind, I could probably catch up and be able to discuss the plays with the blogger. After thinking it over for a couple of days, I came to my senses and realized that I definitely do not have the time to read that much Shakespeare in such a short time and actually understand any of it.

I did, however, think that reading all of his plays sounded like an interesting challenge and something I could do over time. So, starting this week, I have begun an undertaking to read all 38 of Shakespeare’s play. When I finish one, I will start the next. It will be interesting to see how long it actually takes. While at the Bristol Renaissance Faire on Sunday, I purchased a copy of an anthology that contains five of Shakespeare’s comedies. As A.J. and I had just seen this play performed in July, I have decided to begin with Much Ado About Nothing. It doesn’t hurt that it was also the first play in the book. And, surprisingly, I have made it through all of Act I already.

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