Erin is in Girl Scouts Again

When Erin was younger she was in Girl Scouts; first Daisies and then Brownies. And Kristi was the leader of their troop. They both had a great time but Erin decided quit to pursue other interests when the troop transitioned from Brownies to Juniors.

After a two-year hiatus, Erin has re-joined the troop as they are now Cadettes. The troop is much smaller than it was but it is made up of many of Erin’s closest friends. Now that the girls are older, the troop meetings are less of a play session and more of a learning experience but still a lot of fun.

One of the fantastic side benefits is that we again have a source for those awesome Girl Scout Cookies. I no longer have to wander the streets, jonesin’ for some thin mints or a shortbread. I am already looking forward to February when the orders come in.

I believe that it is against the Girl Scouts rules or laws to sell the cookies on the internet via e-bay or some such site. But, if you are a Girl Scout Cookie fiend like I am and live in our area, I’m sure that I could put you in touch with a wonderful young lady that be willing to assist you in ordering a box or two of your favorite treats.


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