Vocal Arts Academy of Milwaukee

For two and a half years, Erin was a member of Milwaukee Children’s Choir; a wonderful music education program started by Emily Crocker and Charyl Granatella more than 15 years ago. During Erin’s second year with the choir, its board determined that they needed a full-time Artistic Director and asked Mrs. Crocker, the Artistic Director and founder, to choose between her full time job of 15+ years and the MCC.

Erin left the choir during the winter break the following year because a number of the choir members had left and she had three different directors in the four month period after Mrs. Crocker’s and Mrs. Granatella’s departure. She decided that she wasn’t enjoying herself anymore. Luckily, however, we soon found out that Mrs. Crocker and Mrs. Granatella had just started a new music training program, Vocal Arts Academy of Milwaukee. Last fall, Erin enrolled in their Apprentice Level choir and she is having a great time.

Last night, the Apprentice Level choir performed their “The Seasons of Children” concert at the Stiemke Memorial Hall at Mt. Mary College. It was excellent. The 15 or so boys and girls in the choir did an amazing job. On top of the sweet sounds that were coming from the kids as they sang, they all looked as if they were enjoying themselves. I would like to wish the Vocal Arts Academy of Milwaukee much continued success.


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