My Family

Okay… as I was writing this, realized that it sounds a lot like one of those braggy Christmas letters that you get from some acquaintance that you seldom write to. I almost deleted it because I don’t want to be THAT GUY. But then I realized how strongly I feel about the three people mentioned below and I decided to post it anyway.

I have one really fantastic family… I’m just sayin’. And I am really proud of them all. The first half of the school year is over and both A.J. and Erin have come home with absolutely phenomenal grades. On top of that, they are both doing amazing things in their respective school bands; A.J. with the Trumpet and Erin on the Baritone. And they have each joined their school Forensics teams and are ready to do well there. Not to mention theatre pursuits for A.J. and dance and choir for Erin. They are really talented and I am really blessed.

None of those things would be remotely possible if it weren’t for one truly amazing woman. I am so lucky that she consented to marry me more than 21 years ago. Why she puts up with all my shenanigans, I’ll never know. Over the past couple of years, Kristi held down no less than four part-time jobs at four different hospitals, all the while carting kids to activities, helping with homework, cooking, cleaning, and myriad of other things. Without her, this family would be sunk.

I don’t know what I’ve done to be blessed with such a wonderful family but glad to have them because they are truly my best friends.


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