Alone Together at WCT

Last night, Kristi and I went to see Alone Together at Waukesha Civic Theatre. Considering the fact that we almost missed seeing the show, it turned out to be a wonderful night out. We have seen many shows at Waukesha Civic Theatre and I usually call the box office before going to either purchase tickets or at least ensure that there will be plenty of tickets on-hand to purchase at the door. Yesterday, I forgot to do that. When we showed up about a half hour before curtain there were five or six open single seats and two sets of two seats available on either end of the very last row. We choose house-left. Ironically, the house-right set of seats were purchased by a friend and his wife. Although, there really isn’t a bad seat at WCT, I have learned my lesson and will always call ahead in the future.

After seeing the show, we now know why the audience was packed. We were both very impressed by what an excellent show it was. Alone Together is set in the seventies and opens with a husband and wife wishing a fond farewell to the youngest of their three sons as he sets off for college. The couple’s nest isn’t empty for long as both of the older sons soon move back in; disrupting the plans of the couple. This is an outrageous situational comedy written especially for anyone that currently has kids at home that will soon be leaving or those whose kids have moved out and live in fear that they will be returning home one day.

The couple was excellently portrayed by Dan Hargarten and Donna Daniels. Dan and Donna were A.J.’s mother and father in Over The Tavern back in May 2008. They have a wonderful on-stage chemistry and play well against each other. They truly made the show fantastic. The character of Janie, a friend of the youngest son that needs a place to stay for a few days, was ably played by Jenny Kosek. Jenny also appeared in Over The Tavern and I have been lucky enough to share the stage with her on several occasions. Jenny did so well with this small part that a friend at church approached me this morning to mention that he and his wife saw the show on Saturday afternoon and were taken by how much she added to the scenes she was in.

If you don’t see any other shows this season, I would recommend that you get out to the theatre next weekend (the final weekend of performances) and see this show. The set, the costumes, and coordination of the sounds and lights on stage in combination with the phenomenal acting make this a show that you won’t want to miss.


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