Home Networking Project – Final

*** NERD ALERT ***

This one isn’t quite as nerd-filled as the previous one but still geeky enough to require the warning. Read on at your own risk!


During February, I completed the rest of the work on my home networking project. I finished wiring the network jacks in the living room, master bedroom, and AJ’s bedroom. I didn’t post any pictures because they turned out exactly like the first one. There were really no major issues with these to speak of. The hardest thing for all of these was the drilling of the hole between the basement and the main floor inside the wall. I had purchased one of those flexible drill bits to help with the task and it didn’t work… at least not for me. What ended up working out the best for me was figuring out where the hole needed be drilled and then drilling through the ceiling of the basement.

As you can see by the picture, we had U-verse installed yesterday. The installer spent about an hour and a half outside in the snow running a new cable from the pole to the house. He indicated that the line outside was so old and in such bad shape that he was surprised that we hadn’t had problems with our DSL connection. Once inside, things went pretty smoothly. Everything that I had done was usable by U-verse. In fact, the installer commented that I have probably saved him about three hours of work. He was uneasy with running the connections for the DVR and set-top box through my switch so he ran those directly through the patch panel. After he left, I re-routed them through the switch with no ill affects.

I will need to spend some time configuring the router the way that I would like… against the advice of the installer. He gave me strict instructions not to change the SSID, encryption, or even the password. The forums on the interwebs, however, indicate that the warnings are to keep the average Joe from screwing things up. After everything was done, I ripped out several hundred feet of coax cable from our Dish installation and some from the cable installation that the previous owners had. If you need some extra coax, I have quite a bit resting at the bottom of our garbage can.

So, with the exception of a few minor tweaks, everything on this project is done. It was a fun adventure and a great learning experience.


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  1. Jeff Stanlick Says:

    How much coax ya got? Cable installer came yesterday and wanted to run coax upstairs through the cold air return ducts. At least he wired the nex box on the first floor right.

    • Kurt Says:

      If you are serious, I would have to dig it out of the bottom of the garbage can. I have a several runs that are about 40 – 50 ft in length. Let me know if you really want it.

      How’s the new house?

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