Conspiracy Theories, Signs From Above, and Peanut Butter M&Ms

Today, a little bit after lunch, I decided to grab a handful of Peanut Butter M&Ms from the break room at work. I ate a couple on my way back to my desk and carelessly tossed remainder on the desk to be eaten later. After working for a few minutes, I looked over at my snack and was amazed. Okay, “amazed” is a bit too strong but the unusual site was a little astonishing. As you can see by the picture that I snapped with my phone, the remaining six M&Ms were arranged in a near-perfect equilateral triangle with one point aimed directly at me. On top of that, all six M&Ms were of a different color. What a crazy, random happenstance!

Of course, part of me wondered if this truly was random. Could otherworldly forces be at work? Like the crop circles found in farm fields across the world, were aliens trying to send me sign? Does the triangle point the way to some mystical nirvana? Also, I couldn’t help but to remember that today is Ash Wednesday. It is possible that God was reminding to keep my faith in the Holy Trinity today (it WAS a triangle, after all). And the colors. Let’s not forget those. No two M&Ms were the same color. Was this a sign to treat all men and women of varying races, colors, and creeds equally?

I started to think that I should rope off the area and call the National Enquirer. I’m sure that this is as unusual as those people that see the face of Jesus on the front of their Frigidaire sitting outside their mobile home in Alabama. People from miles around could come to see the “sacred triangle.” Maybe I could charge admission. I might even get my own TV show. Too far???? Yeah, you’re right. In the end, I got hungry so I ate them.


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