The Bomb-itty of Errors

Last night, AJ and I were lucky enough to get a couple of reduced-price tickets to The Bomb-itty of Errors at the Milwaukee Rep. It was the most amazingly, funny show that we have seen in a long, long time. The show is a hip-hop version of the Shakespearean classic The Comedy of Errors.

This version of this epic tale is set in current day and the two Antipholuses are Rap artists living on opposite coasts and backed up by their DJ Dromios. The entire cast of characters is played by four, very energetic, young men. Their portrayals of Adriana and Luciana were particularly entertaining. With all of the entrances and exits, costume changes, and break dancing these guys do, I can’t imagine having to do more than one performance a day.

This version of the show is definitely for mature audiences only. The show tells the story in true hip-hop fashion with lots of sexual innuendo, drug references, and physical violence. Although, I’m sure much of that could probably have been said of the original script back in the 1500s. AJ admitted to me after the show that it was weird to experience this show while sitting next to his Dad. And truth be told, it was a little awkward for me as well. But the show was so funny that it wasn’t difficult to quickly set aside our uneasiness.

Check out this video that the cast did of the Prologue. It is apparent from their costumes and lack of a set that this must have been recorded early in the rehearsal process. But it is a small taste of the excellent show that follows. I applaud the Milwaukee Rep for producing the type of theatre that should appeal to a much younger audience.


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