Give a High Five to the Arts!

As many of you know, the Dramagoons have a strong connection to Waukesha Civic Theatre. A.J., Erin, and I have all appeared on their stage and Kristi has done a multitude of the things behind the scenes. In today’s culture of iPods, MP3s, Blu-ray DVDs, and Movies on Demand, there is still something really special about going to see live theatre performed on stage in your own community. Even after five years, I am still amazed at the quality of performances that are put together by a group of volunteers for such a reasonable price. You really can’t beat it.

The economic downturn that we have been living through over the last couple of years has adversely affected many local arts organizations. In order to keep ticket prices affordable for the average patron, most community theatres rely on donations and grants to cover a majority of their operating expenses. When the economy is bad, those funds become scarce. And when money is tight, many people feel like the small amount that they could afford to donate wouldn’t be worth the effort. How could my $5 help? But if you get 500 or more people that can help out with a $5 donation, they can make a significant contribution toward keeping the arts alive in our community.

Waukesha Civic Theatre is asking you to Give a High Five to the Arts! Go to their website for more information or just click on this button to contribute $5 to the theatre via PayPal. If you enjoy the theatre as much as I do and have the capacity to give even more, you can go to their Donate Now page as well and contribute any amount.

Whether you have the ability to donate or not, I would encourage you to get out to the theatre and take in performance. I am sure that you will really enjoy the experience.


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