Solo & Ensemble

Two weeks ago, A.J. played his trumpet in the District Solo & Ensemble festival that just happened to take place at his high school. As he is a freshman and this was his first high school level Solo & Ensemble, he decided to pick a Class B piece to perform. He performed two movements from “Italian Suite.” His hard work and talent paid off as he received a I rating for his piece.

Additionally, the high school Jazz ensemble, of which he is a member, also performed a Class B selection at the festival and they also received a I rating.

Although there is plenty of time to decide, A.J. is strongly considering taking a shot at a Class A piece next year. That will take a lot of practicing and possibly even some private lessons, but I have confidence in him. Whatever he gets in involved in, he gives 100%. Congratulations on an excellent job and keep up the great work.


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