Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Although the weather today is no proof of it, spring has come to Wisconsin. As such, I have decided to pick up where I left off last fall on my new outdoor activity. As you may recall, late last summer, I purchased a pair of inline skates and I started the process of getting a little more exercise by hurtling down the sidewalk at high speeds. Things actually turned out fairly well. I skated a couple times a week until the weather got too cold and managed to not fall once. Of course, there were many times where I could be seen flailing my arms like a windmill. Surprisingly, I felt like I had made some progress in muscle tone.

On Thursday last, I pulled the skates out of the basement, rotated the wheels, geared up, and hit the road once more. Oh. My. God. I didn’t realize how much tone I had lost over the winter. About a half mile in, my body was screaming in protest. I ended up completing a little over a mile before collapsed in a heap back at the house.

Not to be beaten, I went back out on Sunday afternoon determined to find some enjoyment on 8 wheels. Things went much, much better. I’m still had some balance issues as my muscles began to tire at the end but I put in two miles and actually had fun for most of it. It is my goal, weather permitting, to get out a couple evenings a week throughout the summer. At some point, I might actually achieve enough balance to not look like I’m walking on an ice pond.

If you are looking for a good laugh, watch for me on the sidewalk on Pilgrim Rd between Silver Spring and Lisbon. It should be quite a sight to see.


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